Simfox Net is equipped with a Statistics module that enables you to view detailed statistics of your screeners’ performance, create reports and export them to excel.

Analyse Performance

Simfox Net contains a detailed statistical module which analyses the performance of both individuals and groups on a number of criteria including:

•    Threat Recognition

•    Speed of Detection

•    Detection Ability

Establishing Performance Standards

As every test result carried out is stored on Simfox Net’s database, it assists in establishing performance standards and norms for groups, bags, threat items and the overall operation.

Trainers can use the statistics to design specific training sessions on the x-ray simulator that will enable them to provide their x-ray operators with the correct level of training.

Export Fully Formatted Reports into Excel

Trainers can import Simfox Net reports into packages such as Microsoft Excel and use the many specialized functions, such as Graph Creation offered by these packages.

Feature Recap:

•    Detailed Statistics Module that analyses individual and group performance

•    Use the statistics to create training based on each screener’s specific requirements

•    Export fully formatted reports into excel

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