Pay Per Session

This Autumn we are offering the first month free when you purchase a 12 month Simfox PPS contract**.


The Pay per Session License Option is ideal for small organisations that do not have an in house security trainer but require high quality x-ray simulator training & testing to be provided to their screeners.

Renful’s security training experts take care of the creation of the training and testing content, assign it to your employees, and provide you with monthly reports on their progress.

How It Works

•    Online Link

We provide you with an online link to the Simfox Net X-ray Simulator and unique IDs for each of your x-ray screeners.

•    One Hour’s Training/Testing per Month

Each month we assign 6 x-ray detection tests that take 1 hour for your screeners to complete. Completion of these tests ensures they are compliant with the EC No 2015/1998 regulations set out by the European Commission.

•    24/7 Access

Your x-ray screeners can access these sessions anytime from any computer with an internet connection and do not need instructor supervision as Simfox Net provides comprehensive feedback on their performance on each bag/container tested.

•    Detailed Monthly Reports

At the end of each month we will send you reports for each of your employees that states the time they have spent on the simulator as well as their overall score.


•    6 Sessions of 25 containers / month (Equivalent to 1 hour / month)

•    Complies with EC No 2015/1998 regulations

•    Available for Cargo/Mail, Airport CBS & HBS on Rapiscan, Smiths-Heimann, L3 & Gilardoni machines

•    Available via the Internet

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**Not Available for Existing Simfox PPS Customers. Offer ends 30th of November, 2014.

Heimann Simulator
Simulator - Hold Options
Simulator Bag Photo