Simfox Pro

Simfox Pro is ideal for organisations with dedicated trainers and large numbers of x-ray screeners to train.  

Your trainers will have access to all Simfox features allowing them to create customised training content, assign it to their screeners and monitor their results.

The Simfox Server

Simfox Net is installed onto the server computer of your choice ensuring the complete confidentiality of all your training & testing data. Trainers and Screeners are then able to access Simfox from any computer linked to the server via LAN, WAN, or the internet.

The Teacher Menu

Trainers are given access to the Teacher Menu where they are able to configure the database of items and bags, create customised bags, place them into sessions, assign these to their students and monitor the results.

•    Create Bags & Containers

The Bag Creator allows you to build an infinite number of customised bags and containers that meet the exact training & testing requirements of your screeners.

•    Create Sessions

The Session Creator allows you to create an unlimited number of training & testing sessions and assign them to your students.

•    Statistics Module

The Statistics Module allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your screeners and develop specific training content that meets their exact requirements.

The Student Menu

Students only have access to the simulator, ensuring they cannot see any other screener’s results or the training content being prepared by the trainer.

•    The Security Xray Simulator

The Simfox Net X-ray Simulator delivers an on screen replica of each x-ray machine’s dashboard. All your screeners have to do is select Hold when they see a threat item, select the category it belongs to, and place a star onto it.

•    Review Each X-Ray Simulator Session

The Session Review appears after each Simulator session and provides analysis of each bag so that your screeners can learn from their mistakes and improve their x-ray interpretation skills without trainer supervision.

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