6x6 Training

The EC No 2015/1998 regulations set by the European Commission in May 2010, has meant X-Ray simulator training is now compulsory for Airports & Cargo / Freight Forwarders throughout Europe.

Minimum Requirement

The regulations mean that x-ray screeners working at Airports or for Cargo companies must now receive a minimum of 6 hours security x-ray simulator training and testing every 6 months.

Our Compliant X-Ray Simulator

Simfox Net has all the necessary features, threats and bags / containers to be compliant with the regulations and it has received rave reviews from both government agencies and customers alike.

When we visit our customers, they tell us that the training they have implemented is improving the confidence, skills and knowledge of all their x-ray screeners. All our customers are passing their government inspections and if they fall behind, we will work hard with them to make sure they get back on the right track.

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Releasing you from the security training burden

As many organisations do not have in-house security trainers available to implement 6x6 training, we have created “Pay per Session”. This license option is intended to alleviate the day-to-day training burden the new security xray regulations can pose for some.

It involves our security training experts building the training & testing content and assigning it to your x-ray screeners to take at any time and from any computer with an internet connection. Every month we send reports through to management detailing each screener’s performance and whether they are compliant with the regulations.

This option has proved extremely popular and is currently used by a number of organisations throughout Europe.

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